The Healthcare Warehouse brings you the best of both worlds: reliable access to high-quality, low price raw materials and finished products from China, all sourced from a trustworthy, European-based single point of contact. In fact, we give you the best of both worlds: Chinese efficiency and cost-effectiveness backed by local, European service, availability and convenience.

The Healthcare Warehouse is based in the UK, with its Headquarters in York. The warehouse has a GMP facility and it is located in the heart of the country. With excellent transport connections to Western Europe, this means we can deliver to customers in the UK overnight and to most European countries within 48 hours. In the next two years, further depots will be opened in at least two other European countries, further improving service levels to our growing customer base.

We provide a comprehensive service to manufacturers and end-user customers, alike. We deliver raw materials for production in Europe, finished products on an OEM basis and a range of joint development, marketing and production services, tailored to the customer’s exact needs.

Doing business with us
It’s as easy as dealing with any other European country. For ingredients and raw materials, just phone or mail us, place your order and we deliver. Thanks to our European base, even the smallest orders can be easily dealt with, quickly, efficiently and at low cost. For more complex outsourcing and OEM manufacturing needs, our consultants will visit you at your office, develop a full proposal and deliver the right solution at the right price.

UK Warehouse

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Head Office: York