Aoxing Biology invests almost 10% of its profits into research each year and has a close working relationship with several leading academic and research centres. These include Wuhan University, one of the world’s most respected research centres for Chitin studies. Aoxing and Wuhan University have a jointly-owned laboratory and pilot plant for innovative new products and currently have 5 patents pending on their work.

We have now also teamed up with Jiangsu Ocean Development institution in a long-term strategic development alliance. Together, we are collaborating on higher quality, more effective shark Chondroitin and fish collagen.

The company has been granted certification by the authorities in China, the USA and the EU for Glucosamine, Chitin and Chondroitin manufacture and is seeking further certification for innovative new products based on Glucosamine HCL and 2KCL such as E-DMF certification.

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